Cheetah Consulting Oy

Cheetah Consulting Oy is a consulting firm founded in 2012 and based in Helsinki. I provide independent advisory and training services for planning and delivery of IT solutions, projects and services focusing mostly on industrial and services companies in Finland and the Nordic countries. My strengths are understanding of customer's needs, setting clear goals, making realistic plans and fulfilling customer expectations.

Dr Teemu Leppänen

Dr Teemu Leppänen is a seasoned management consultant and project manager with over 30,000 hours of personal hands-on experience from 36 business IT solution delivery projects as project manager, solution architect, business analyst or application developer. Teemu was also the responsible IT project manager in 21 out of those 36 projects. Before starting his IT career Dr Ted completed PhD in computational physics and information science, and M.Sc.&B.Sc. in computational engineering, electrical engineering and mathematics at the Helsinki University of Technology (nowadays Aalto University), and B.Sc. in social psychology and psychology at the University of Helsinki in Finland. Since 2005 Dr Ted has over 15 years of international client-facing IT project work experience on the client-side, in a consulting organization and in an enterprise software company. See Teemu's CV in LinkedIn

Teemu Leppanen

Book a time slot for an effective video call, where you will get an independent expert opinion on how to approach the current IT challenges of your organization. After the call you will receive an issue resolution action plan customized to your situation that can be implemented with your organization's internal resources or existing consulting partners. This service is confidential and free of charge (without obligation, max 30 min/call).