We offer IT advisory services that are independent of software, project or services vendors. Our specialty is designing, planning and managing the delivery of supply chain management, production and logistics IT solutions. You can find more detailed description of our services in Finnish.


  • Identification of business and/or technological needs
  • Evaluation of improvement opportunities and benefits


  • Functional and/or technical solution definition
  • Planning of the implementation project


  • Support in vendor evaluation and proposal process
  • Advise in vendor selection


  • Project management quality assurance
  • Technical work quality assurance


  • Review of maintenance and support services
  • Vendor governance and management

The basis of our services is thorough understanding of our customer's business, organization and goals.

Cheetah services support organizations in reaching the following goals:

  • Business processes: Efficient communication across organizational boundaries
  • IT projects: Improved on-time project performance
  • IT vendors: Less problems and risk in vendor collaboration
  • IT systems: Well-managed integrated enterprise IT landscape

For decision-makers Cheetah services will bring significant improvements:

  • Ensure focus on the big picture goals with prioritized execution
  • Maintain a clear, transparent and objective view of the situation
  • Enable budgeting and resourcing in terms of cost-effective value creation