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Grow your organization’s IT project capabilities and realize the
business benefits of IT solutions faster with better decision-making.

Accelerate the digitalization of your organization and ensure successful execution
of IT projects by utilizing independent IT advisory and training services.

”We trust in Teemu as a goat trusts its horns.”

- Senior Vice President, Development

”I was expecting much worse, but somehow Teemu turned it into a success.”


”We received laser-focused recommendations targeted to exactly what we needed. “

- Public Sector Director

“Teemu can talk about business needs so that also IT vendors understand.”

– CEO of a medium-sized business

30 00 hours of practical
IT project experience at your service.

Teemu Leppänen

Expert in IT projects , IT requirements definition and IT procurement. My core expertise is planning, procuring and leading technically complex IT solution delivery in an international multi-vendor environment. More information about the company.

I have a PhD, M.Sc. and B.Sc in computational science from Helsinki University of Technology (nowadays Aalto University) and B.Sc. in social psychology and psychology at the University of Helsinki.

I founded Cheetah Consulting Ltd in 2012.

1 hrs
practical IT project experience
complex business IT projects
1 v
independent solopreneur





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